Chapala Lake is the largest lake in Mexico and it is located at 20 minutes from Guadalajara’s international airport. Surrounded by wild landscapes, was recognized by National Geographic for having one of the best climates in the world. Picturesque villages, peaceful streets and colorful traditions are the emblematic symbols of this place. Despite their tranquility, these lakeside towns enjoy a pleasant cosmopolitan environment, nourished by a considerable community of retired Northern Americans and Canadians that have chosen this spot as their home or as a vacation destination during the winter.

Forty minutes away from Guadalajara, the first town to welcome you is Chapala itself. Here, you will be immediately tempted to take a stroll along the town’s waterfront and discover the crafts market on the water’s edge. Your itinerary should include a motorboat tour to become familiar with Alacranes Island and the Island of Mezcala, the latter with a restored prison, which was the headquarters of the insurgent resistance against the Spanish troops between 1812 and 1816. You must also visit the old train station with its archaeology museum and art exhibitions, among other historic buildings.

Chapala and its surroundings offers to its visitors the opportunity to enjoy various activities such as fishing, sailing, swimming, water skiing, golf, tennis, hiking, horseback riding and of course buying crafts and delicious dishes to savor.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, the visitors can indulge and enjoy the best spas in the State of Jalisco located around.


The Tequila Route is located just 45 minutes away from Guadalajara. It is an amazing touristic program were traditions and culture around the tequila beverage are experienced by our visitors: tequila factories, activities around the agave landscape, lodging in haciendas and rural houses (which have the category of boutique hotels), among others are just some of the marvelous experiences that our visitors take in their memories.

Guadalajara is full of attractions in its surroundings: taking the same highway that takes you from Guadalajara to Tequila, the experience can end in Puerto Vallarta (located 3 1/2 hours away from Tequila’s downtown), well known as the most Mexican beach in Mexico.

Haciendas and County Houses

The lodging options around the Guadalajara metropolitan area have a special category: haciendas and country houses. This tourism-cultural project is a series of time-honored estates that used to be prosperous haciendas or summer mansions and have been restored and converted into an original alternative for peace and relaxation.